This full spectrum tincture worked very effectively in easing my social anxiety. I’ve been working on forcing myself more into social settings by myself to teach myself to be more comfortable in speaking with strangers. Saibadee Good Vibes allowed my tension to ease when approaching people around downtown.

I decided to visit our town’s local Saturday market for the first time and it was a great experience. I was able to relax my mind enough to ask the vendor’s questions about the food they were selling. Since I am working on moving to an alkaline vegan diet, it is important to me that the food I buy is not acidic and is organic.

Normally, I would be too shy to ask questions but with the help of Good Vibes, I was able to stay open and curious my entire visit. It feels amazingly relieving when I am able to relax and feel like myself in places I usually don’t feel comfortable. I am very grateful that I had Good Vibes Tincture for this opportunity of self-development!

Saibadee Good Vibes is great for after workout relief

Good Vibes Tincture is also great for relaxing the muscles after a hard workout. I definitely felt more relaxed and in less pain after an intense lifting session.

Good Vibes has a mint flavor, making it tasty to use just by itself, or to add in certain foods or drinks (would pair well with a mojito!) The bottle was 250mg total with each dose being around 8mg. I would take 3 doses in the morning and 3 in the evening. The consistency of the oil wasn’t as thick and didn’t leave a residue in my mouth like other tinctures do. It took about a week of using this tincture before feeling it’s full effects.

I definitely recommend Good Vibes Tincture for easing anxiety and muscle pain!

Saibadee Good Vibes Tincture Product Information

Price: $48.95

– Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil
– MCT Oil from Coconut
– Peppermint Oil

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