Receptra Naturals has 2 separate CBD tinctures line. One line is made for active people and the other is focused on health. Receptra Naturals CBD Tincture Plus is catered for your health.

Their Plus CBD Tincture has a berry flavor and comes in 2 sizes. 1500 mg for $134.95 in 1 oz. size and 3000 mg for $199.95 in a 2-oz. bottle. Each full dropper gives you 40 mg of CBD. Their Plus lines is created for a natural defense against a full range of threats to your immune and central nervous systems.

The Plus line is created for those with advanced wellness needs. If you are in severe pain from ailments like fibromalgia a regular 250/500 mg bottle of CBD is not enough for you then the Plus CBD tincture is for you.

Receptra Naturals CBD Tincture (Plus) Review

For my review I am using a sample bottle of .5 oz. (15ml) of CBD goodness. All Receptra’s Tinctures are full spectrum CBD. Under every bottle is a sticker with a batch number that you can go to their website and enter that number to get your lab reports. This is awesome. The first I can recall doing this. It’s a great system and you know for sure that your batch matches the lab reports.

My batch showed good numbers. > 49.80 mg/mL of CBD, < 0.5 mg/mL of CBD-A, < 3.0 mg/mL of THC, and < 0.5 mg/mL of THC-A.

Opening the bottle I receive punch of fruity smell. It’s really hard to forget the smell. The taste is better than pure CBD oil. It’s not as strong. I wanted to try using it differently by adding it in my food.

Every morning I make frozen fruit smoothies to drink during the day at work. It has helped me lose 10 pounds over the past 3 months. Sometimes I add CBD to my smoothies. I used Receptra Plus CBD Tinctures by adding a dropper full to my shake. It blends well, and you can really taste the berry flavor. It strong but not turn your face away strong. I ended up liking it after a couple of days.

I normally mix frozen strawberries, blueberries and bananas with almond milk. I also add whey protein powder as well. Not only is this healthy it also is a good way for you to add CBD to your diet without adding it under your tongue.

Receptra Naturals CBD Tincture (Plus) Review
Adding Receptra Natural CBD Tincture to my smoothie.

Full Spectrum CBD Stands Out

Lately I have really enjoyed taking Full Spectrum CBD. Especially the higher mg bottles. On the average day my anxiety isn’t too bad unless we are having a rush week or at the end of the month. However, I am not really a morning person. Some days when I first get to work I am thinking so much. I want to soak in all the news and information that happened over night. By taking CBD, it allows me to focus on my task at hand.

Receptra Naturals CBD Tincture Plus line is pretty good. There is no strong taste from a purer form of CBD mixed with a carrier oil alone. The 40-mg full dropper really hits you. I felt great after an hour or so. I start to focus on my work one by one instead of multi-tasking. I would put on some old school Bone Thugs N Harmony or some Avicii song and just start coding.

The feeling last me throughout the day until I start to wind down after getting home. Overall, I highly recommend Receptra Naturals CBD Tincture (Plus). The berry flavor is good. If you are like me and have been feeling good and helped me mentally and emotionally then go give it a try. Make a purchase today and use the ReceptraAMA as a promo code to save 15% off your order.

CBD works. It helps me in many ways that I could never imagine. This year has been great for me. I have met many awesome individuals and helped grow a budding CBD community. I have been able to give back. The community has reached out to me every week saying how my reviews have helped them. They are now taking CBD and it has open their eyes to its benefits.

I hope that I can continue to help everyone and learn from each of you every day. Visit us over on our Reddit CBD sub or mingle with me over on our CBD Reviews Instagram account. You can also leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts and I’ll help answer any questions that you have.

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