This is my Receptra Body Butter Review. Everyone knows that itching is the worst. The scratching, that irritating sensation. My itching comes around this time of the year and in the fall. I have eczema which runs in my family. I did a previous post on using CBD to treat my son’s eczema. This time around I wanted to see if Receptra’s Body Butter would treat my eczema. I have been using it for over 3 weeks now and I am very pleased with the results.

Receptra Body Butter Review

The first thing I noticed is the natural colors on the container. This is how you can tell that the product is very earthy. The dosage is 400+ mg of cannabinoids. It has a very aromatic smell. It’s very soothing and calming. It is not over powering like perfume or other scent based body butters. The colors are also very neutral based. That’s one way of telling if dyes have been added. Most dyes are made with synthetic chemicals. Natural body butters are a good way to improve your skin.

Receptra Body Butter is a cannabinoid-rich treat for your skin. It has a whipped texture like regular butter. Very rich and creamy.  It delivers moisture to your skin and its Vitamin E also helps prevent your skin from looking aged and weathered.

Receptra Body Butter is not greasy. It goes on smooth and provides a nice glow. My itching subsides in about 10 minutes and last me for about 2-4 hours for me. Although the itching never fully goes away it helps a lot.

I like to apply it on my skin and then add my natural shea butter to the rest of my skin. One good way to compliment the body butter is trying to use a natural soap like African black soap.

Overall, I highly recommend buying Receptra Body Butter to compliment your body care regiment. The price is $34.95, and last a good 3-4 weeks if you use it reasonably. This is not a body butter that you use daily as a substitute for lotions unless you have the funds to do so.


Total Cannabinoids:

Availability: 4oz

Cost:  $34.95

Purchase: Receptra

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