I was excited to receive my PureCBDiol™ Purelaxan™ CBD Tablets in the mail. The reason I was excited is because this are the first CBD Tablets that I know of for sale. They are small blue pills that comes in 10mg, 25mg and 40mg of CBD in each.

PureCBDiol™ Purelaxan™ CBD Tablets are easy-to-swallow 99%+ pharmaceutical grade (CBD) cannabidiol supplement tablets. These tablets contain only 99%+ pure, pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate.

With a proprietary blend of fat soluble and water soluble 99%+ pure pharmaceutical grade CBD, PureCBDiol™ Purelaxan™ CBD Tablets are designed for maximum bio-availability, suiting your everyday needs when on the go.

When taken, the water-soluble CBD is introduced into your system quickly as it dissolves in your stomach. As the tablet travels through your digestive system, it reaches your lower intestine; where the fat-soluble CBD isolate starts to be digested and metabolized.

PureCBDiol™ Purelaxan™ CBD Tablets Review

For my review I took PureCBDiol™ Purelaxan™ CBD Tablets in 25mg form one every morning before I got to work. On a normal day, I am tired and my anxiety is higher when the day is even more stressful than normal. So, I figured taking it before work would give it time to get into my system.

The very first day taking it I felt super awake. I was more aware than usual. I wasn’t sure if it was placebo or if it was because of the CBD being in a tablet form.

After 6 hours since I took the PureCBDiol™ Purelaxan™ CBD Tablet, I could still feel the effects. I was feeling so motivated at work on that first day. Coming up with tons of ideas. Ideas are just flowing through my brain. I feel aware. It’s an amazing feeling. I felt like taking charge in my life to do what I needed to do to be successful.

Over the past week and a half, I can tell the difference. The pills came at a good point in my life as I was working overtime a lot with my boss breathing down everyone’s neck. It greatly helped with my anxiety and as always CBD helps me stay alert when I’d otherwise be bored and tired.

PureCBDiol™ Purelaxan™ CBD Tablets are much easier to swallow compare to capsules. They are designed to disolve quickly in your stomach compare to other methods. Taking them has helped my anxiety a lot and I saved the rest to use on days that I know would be extra stressful. I highly recommend these. If you are having a hard time taking capsules and want another method of taking CBD then go ahead and give Purelaxan™ CBD Tablets from PureCBDiol™ a try.

PureCBDiol™ Purelaxan™ CBD Tablets Prices

10mg: $32.99 on sale
25mg: $82.50 on sale
40mg: $131.99 on sale

Visit: https://purecbdiol.com/

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