Did you know that the 4th of July is one of the worse days for our pets? Just like us humans, animals also get anxiety.

During the 4th of July holidays, dogs are more common than other pets to experience anxiety.

Like those who get anxious from lightning and thunder, dogs experience the same thing from the loud noise that fireworks make. The sound naturally startles dogs due to their more acute sense of hearing.

Another reason dogs get anxiety is that fireworks come without any warning. To many types of dogs, this is perceived as a threat which triggers their “fight or flight” response.

While the time may be short of us, to a dog this seems to go on forever. They can feel trapped with no escape. They become vulnerable and start to pant, whine or pace.

Fireworks and dogs don’t mix well together. So what can be done?

Well, CBD works just as well for our pets as they do for us humans. There are CBD Tinctures for pets along with CBD dog chews.

There is nothing wrong with giving your pet regular CBD tincture with MCT oil. Most tinctures that are catered to pets usually substitute the MCT oil for Salmon Oil like you would see in pet food.

Now is the perfect time to buy CBD before Wednesday gets here. What are other ways to help alleviate your pet’s anxiety that has worked for you? Share your stories in the comments below and remember you can always visit our blog by clicking the link in our bio to learn more about CBD.

Please be responsible this holiday season.

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