The past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to review Palmetto Harmony Aura Vape Oil. Palmetto Harmony’s Aura Vape Oil is made from 100% VG Cannabinoid Rich Hemp extract. The plants are all certified organically grown within the United States.

CBD is used to curb nicotine cravings, reducing anxiety, PTSD, sleep, and depression. Vaping is the fastest way to have CBD enter your system.

Palmetto Harmony Aura Vape Oil Review

One way to know that you have high quality vape oil is the thickness, which the Aura vape oil is. The oil is translucent and does not smell.

To use this oil, you will need to purchase a reusable cartridge and pen. The most common are 510 threaded. In my previous review on Max Vapor Nail Glass Cartridge I went into more details how to add the vape oil to my glass cartridge. I purchased a package of syringes that I used for adding the vape oil.

Palmetto Vape Oil does not have any terpenes added. There is no flavor when you vape. I vape CBD to help me with anxiety and to give me an energy boost throughout the day. After vaping I can notice the effects within 5 minutes. I become more aware and focused.

Overall, I love the vape oil. You can use this indoors and not having to worry about any scents. I love the viscosity of the oil and the color. I recommend using the vape at least 3-5 times a day if you are trying to get enough in your system compared to taking CBD in other methods like tinctures.

Palmetto Harmony Vape Oil is available in two sizes. 15ml for $39 and 30 ml for $69. If you know that you will need more than 15 ml, I recommend buying the 30ml bottle for a savings of $9. I find that the price of the 30ml bottle to be around $5-$6 cheaper than other CBD vendors. The 15ml bottle contains 150mg of total CBD, while the 30ml bottle contains 300mg.

Palmetto Harmony Aura Vape Oil Details

100% VG Whole plant full spectrum oil.  Meant to be used in a sub ohm tank at 24 watts (280 degrees) for maximum absorption.  This product contains no PG, flavoring, chemicals, or CBD Crystalline.  This product was grown organically, no pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals where used.  May help with Neurological and inflammation issues.

Ingredients: Pharmaceutical Grade Vegetable Glycerin and whole plant hemp extract

Purchase: Palmetto Harmony

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