On Tuesday, Oklahoma voters went to the polls and approved a Medical Cannabis bill, making the state the 30th in the country to allow the use of Cannabis with a recommendation from a doctor.

What stands out most from the bill is that it allows Oklahoma doctors to recommend Medical Cannabis for any condition. This is a big win for the state. Other states limit the types of medical ailments that a doctor can prescribe.

Each patient is allowed to carry up to 3 ounces and grow up to 12 plants. They are also only allowed up to 8 ounces in their home.

Great news for Oklahoma residents

Governor Mary Fallin stated that she “will be discussing with legislative leaders and state agencies our options going forward on how best to proceed with adding a medical and proper regulatory framework to make sure marijuana use is truly for valid medical illnesses.”

Lastly, the bill reduces penalties for the possession of up to 1.5 ounces for any person with a medical condition regardless of having a medical card.

Congrats #Oklahoma. Which state do you think is next?

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