October 2017 Stashbox theme is “the Mystic Stashbox”! October is Halloween month, for which plenty of us go out of our way to celebrate. Inside October’s Stashbox is a Critter Spoon from Glasshead, an Orange Label Citrus Cleaner from Randy’s, a Grinder Card Necklace by V Syndicate, a Coffin Min Tin and as usual a Treemoji Pin.

October 2017 Stashbox Review

The inside of the box brings me back to working at The Evolution Store. The store sells at types of skulls and anthropology items from butterflies to moth. They are the place to go for science and natural history collectibles, artifacts, gifts, and home decor.

The box theme is all about the supernatural and mysticism. From the dark gray to the yellow symbols you can tell off the bat that the inside goodies are to die for.

My box includes:

Glasshead Critter Spoon

Glasshead Critter Spoon
Glasshead Critter Spoon

The Glasshead Critter Spoon is made with love in Savannah, GA. These hand-blown glasses are black and feature an either an Octopus or a Frog attached to the head. They come in either colors of Pink Cadillac, Wisteria, and Green Slyme and my Octopus is called “Lil’ Octo”. They measure 4 inches long and is the perfect spoon for a quick hit. Pair it along with the V-Syndicate Grinder Card Necklace. The length is just long enough. Grab your favorite hemp wick and burn away. You can purchase from Smoke Cartel. Use the code “CBDREVIEW-086NI6IYTD” for 5% off your order.

Randy’s Orange Label Citrus Cleaner


Randy’s Orange Label Citrus Cleaner is an all-natural citrus cleaner. It comes in a 6-fl. oz. bottle. Use it to clean all your glass bongs and rigs. You can even use it to clean metal, ceramic, acrylic and wood. Simple add some to your piece and let it soak for about 20 – 30 minutes. You can then swirl your piece and then rinse it out. Purchase today at Randy’s.

V-Syndicate Grinder Card Necklace

V-Syndicate Grinder Card Necklace
V-Syndicate Grinder Card Necklace

September 2017 Stashbox included a Small Rolling Tray from V-Syndicate. The Grinder Card Necklace in October’s box pairs perfectly with the rolling tray. It is small enough to fit inside a book bag or small bag. If you are out with friends and are going to the park or beach to relax and you brought your favorite dry herb with you why not carry a V-Syndicate Grinder Card Necklace with you. It’s easy to use. Place the Grinder Card between two fingers and rub the herb back and forth over the small holes. Let it drop into paper or the small rolling tray. You can always by one by visiting V-Syndicate.

Coffin Min Tin

Coffin Min Tin Inside
Coffin Min Tin Inside

This cute Mint tin can is shaped like a coffin. The mints are perfect for hiding the smell of on your breath after using your Glasshead Critter Spoon.

Treemoji Pin

All Hallow's Eve Treemoji Pin
All Hallow’s Eve Treemoji Pin

This month’s collectable Treemoji Pin is designed with All Hallows Eve in mind. The perfect orange colored pin for the month of October.

This box total value is $63. Great saving for a $30 a month box. Subscribe today! November Box will sell out fast. It features the China Glass Imperial Standing Sherlock pipe which retails for $28.

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