We are blessed with two loving cats as our two children. They are both very well behaved and kind! There is only one characteristic of one of our cats that can be stressful. This is where Nutrupet Hemp oil has helped roll out those small bumps in his behavior.

Meet Starfox

Starfox, our Ragdoll, can get extremely energetic. He’s turning 1 in a few weeks, and he’s HUGE! He’s pushing close to 15 pounds and is still growing. When he gets hyper, he tends to sprint and jump on everything that approaches. This includes the “no kitty zone” furniture, kitchen countertops and shelves holding delicate trinkets. He has already been fixed, so that tells us he’s just an extremely energy-filled feline.

Fox’s Experience with Nutrupet Hemp Oil

We decided to try 1 drop of the oil, 2 times in a day to see how he does and there was not much of an effect. We upped the dose to two drops and that became his happy medium. It took about 15 minutes after administration to see him calm down a bit while he continued to play. Instead of running and jumping around using our home as an obstacle course, he mellowed down to just wrestling his stuffed wolf and attacking paper bags, for examples. Sometimes, he would calm down so much, that he would go take a nap! Nutrupet Hemp oil gives us some relief because most of the time, we would wake up the next morning with things knocked off the shelves and walls, our bath loofahs out of the bath and on the floor, among other things. After a week of trying out the oil, we wake up with our home still in one piece!

Not only does it manage his energy levels, but I can tell he’s much more complacent since he started his daily dose of Nutrupet Hemp oil. Fox is particular about what he eats and would NOT eat  his food with the oil mixed in. The next best way I could find to administer the oil without forcing him was to just drop a couple drops on his front paw, and he licks it right off. We administered two drops in the morning to keep him balanced throughout the day, and two drops before we go to bed for the same reasons at night.

If your cat is overly energetic, I definitely recommend this product to help balance out his/her energy levels. It’s healthy, noninvasive and works incredibly well. I would give the cat at least a week of trying out the oil to notice any effects.

Nutrupet Hemp Oil for Pets 250mg Details


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Cost: $32.99

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