Good afternoon! I had a little adventure yesterday. I decided I was long overdue for a sunset chase so I took initiative and took off spontaneously. What did I find in return? A private lake beach all to myself. I used CBDfx Chill shot and Kush Queen Bath Bomb to help me.

I’ve been dealing with some super fun insomnia the past few days, so I decided to take some help with me on my hike.

Have you guys heard of CBD chill shot by CBDfx? It works really well in keeping you relaxed and awake for recreational activities! It’s made of full spectrum Cbd It definitely kept me pushing as if I did get a full night of sleep the past three days! The taste is enjoyable too! If you keep it chilled, it tastes like a glass of lemonade.

Definitely helped me find a great spot to enjoy the sunset!

Like I said,

I’ve been dealing with insomnia, so I’ve been very out of it from the norm, so a hike really wore me out for today. Time to take a soothing bath with the @kush_queen

One of the favorite ways to take CBD is definitely through a soothing salt bath. I love to meditate in salt baths alone, and the CBD just makes it even easier to disconnect from your voluntary breath, relax every small muscle

In your body, and release you from your mind to observe and appreciate.

Thank you so much for your time, I hope you have an excellent Hump Daeeee!

My day with CBDfx Chill Shot and Kush Queen Bath Bomb
Kush Queen Awaken CBD Bath Bomb

CBDfx Chill Shot Details

Refresh your day with a delicious Chill Shot that also grants you 20mg of full spectrum, organically grown CBD. The only other active ingredient? 200mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to lower the body’s stress and cortisol levels. Forget about drinking over-caffeinated “energy drinks” that make you feel jittery — sometimes it’s easier to focus when you chill out, not amp yourself up more.

Cost: 6.99

You can purchase CBDfx Chill shot by visiting their website. Use code cbdreviews for 15% off your order at any time.

Kush Queen Bath Bomb Details

Made with 25mg CBD

Fill your bathtub with hot water, drop in the bath bomb and lay back to enjoy its effects and gorgeous fragrance.

Their bath bombs are handmade for Kush Queens with 100% organic oils.

Organic Essential Oils:

Cost: $9.99

You can purchase Kush Queen Bath Bomb from Phytodabs. Use code cbdreviews for 10% off your order

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