I write this blog with a heavy heart but also with joy. My awesome co-worker who does so much for us at the office is going through a very hard time. Hey dog is dying from cancer. She will be sending him off to the next stage in life on Thursday night. It’s pains me to see her suffering as well. So tonight, when she texted me that The CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture that I gave to her a few weeks back is working I was started crying.

She told me previously how it helped her little best friend to eat. The feeling is good to be able to help others. I didn’t really think much about as things are busy around this time. I reminded her that I would get her some CBD doggy treats.

CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture Works

She must have seen the CBD pet tincture and gave it to him. “Smudge sleeping and resting on an extra shot of CBD. Thank you! ????” was her message. For the first time in days he is resting without being in pain.

Our pets are family too. They have pain just like the rest of us. They are there when we are sad and especially when we are there at our happiest.

I was watching this video on Reddit yesterday and I was like “aww look at the toddler having fun”. He is around the same age as my second son, Brian. So, I can just imagine the joys of parenthood.

I highly recommend buying CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture for your little ones. It has 150mg of CBD in a 15ml bottle.

For $30.00. It is currently on sale for $20.00.

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