I’ve been using Mimi’s Incredible Edibles CBD Lemon Calm cartridge for the past week. Each cartridge has 60 mg of CBD. Each cartridge holds 1 ml of liquid.

For my review, I am using my Linx Hypnos Zero wax pen. It is a 510 threaded pen so it fits most of the CBD vape cartridges that are on the market.

The Hypnos Zero has 4 heat settings. You turn on the pen by clicking on power button 5 times. You will know it is on because the power button blinks white 5 times. It also does this when you click 5 times to turn it off. To adjust the heat settings you click 3 times each time that you want to change it. Blinking blue is the first setting, then green, orange and finally red for the hottest settings.

I decided to use the pen on the red settings but I couldn’t get a really good vapor due to the colder temperature here in Florida. I can always use a lower temp setting when the weather is warmer.

My Thoughts on Mimi’s Incredible Edibles CBD Lemon Calm Cartridge

All of her CBD is locally grown and organic. I can really taste the lemon flavor in the vape clouds. It’s a little sour which is natural for lemon flavors.

The CBD works great for my anxiety. I take 2-3 pulls every time I use it. I do this 2-3 times a day.

The one thing I keep realizing is for those of us with long-term pain vaping isn’t for you long term. I say this because I woke up on day 5  of my review with back pain. I haven’t felt my back pains for a while because I was taking Dutch Natural Healing 25% Gold and after that, I was on Bota Hemp CBD capsules.

For quick pain relief, the vaping help but if you are looking for something for chronic pain then I recommend trying one of her CBD edibles.

I highly recommend trying her baked goods. Not only are they delicious, but the CBD in them last much longer through eating than by vaping.

All of her CBD edibles are all custom made. They are very delicious. If you happen to live in California then you can always try her CBD/THC edibles. She makes CBD gummies ranging from frogs to sharks and even CBD pixie dust.

Overall I really like the CBD Lemon Calm vape. The lemon flavor isn’t overpowering and the CBD helped kept my anxiety low while I worked.

The CBD Lemon Calm vape cartridge ingredients are:

Her Heady Harvest Pure CBD comes in either a .5 gram cartridge for $10 or 1 gram cartridges for $20.

You can also have your choice of Strawberry Soothe, Fruit Loopy if you don’t want the Lemon Calm.

Visit her website or her Instagram page if you would like to make a purchase. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback.

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