I’ve been sitting on my Million Bananas Leaf Rolling Paper for a few weeks now. I finally got hold of some CBD flowers to use with the leaf’s. The leaf’s are pretty awesome.

If you ever smoked rice paper, you know how that it burns fast. The flip side of that is blunts which burn slow, however they are made with tobacco leaf’s.

Well, Million Bananas Leaf’s are more natural. They are dried out banana leaf’s that burn slow and doesn’t give you that harsh cough or feeling in your throat. I gave one to my friend to try and was told that really like it.

The few times I’ve smoked using Rolling Papers I knew it wasn’t for me, but I can say honestly that this one is better than rice rolling papers which are better than blunts. That is my personal preference. Others might not agree. So, if you smoke CBD flowers and want to try a healthier alternative to blunts then I highly recommend them

They come in various counts. Starting from 10 count for $17.99 (on sale for $12.99), 40 count for $60, (on sale for $50) as of this post. You can also purchase in larger sizes to save money.

You can also purchase their Organic Wood Tips. Use them to roll on the edges, so you don’t have to constantly wet the ends of your leaf. Using the organic wood tip also prevents your grounded flower from falling out or getting your fingers burnt.

Check out this awesome video review below from weedonline.com.

Million Bananas Leaf Rolling Paper Information

Million Bananas is pure in its natural identity. Their leaf of banana is grown, and hand processed to perfection.

Production begins with at their plantations grown with no chemicals or hormones in soil full of minerals and natural elements in the sub tropics. Their workers are trained to hand pick only virgin banana leaf’s.

Million Bananas Leaf Rolling Paper Review
Million Bananas Leaf Rolling Paper

After picking this begins a slowed dried process of 10 days, before it is ready for 14 days of fermentation. Only by fermentation, are the natural compounds stripped of the amino acids and chlorophyll compounds found in all leaf/plant matter. Through fermentation, the natural fibers are broken to a new composition ready for the curation process.


In this new composition, curation plays key role for the fibers to bond to a new more durable state. After 24 days, their banana leaf’s are packaged and will continue curing for years of shelf life, which gets better as it ages.

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