Are you triple-checking your vape sources?

If not, we definitely recommend you start doing so now.

Tainted vape cartridges have yet again claimed another victim. A middle-aged man from Oregon has died from a mysterious lung condition after vaping THC oil that he’d bought from a dispensary.

This isn’t the first time this has occurred. In fact, more than 200 people Nationwide have been afflicted by vape cartridges, some cannabis, and other e-cigarette devices.

There is misinformation circulating amongst us indicating that the cause of these situations are due to the THC content of the cartridges when that is not the case. The cause comes from the solvents and cutting agents, in which some are toxic when inhaled.

Dr. Brad Douglass, V.P. of Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property, The Werc Shop, explains in detail on the reasoning this is happening in his speech during the Oregon Cannabis Science Conference, “Standardizing the Entourage Effect: Regulating All Additives for Inhalable Cannabis Products”.

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