A Massachusetts panel has approved the state’s first recreational Cannabis growing license. The Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday afternoon granted the state’s first-ever recreational Cannabis license to a cultivation facility in Milford operated by Sira Naturals.

The license does not permit holders to sell Cannabis, but to grow it for recreational use. Sira Naturals currently has 3 dispensaries in operation.

It will be allowed to grow Cannabis to make edible products and oils. However, they will not be able to sell it immediately as they do not sell directly to the public.

Instead, the Cannabis grown at their facility goes to the company’s medical Cannabis dispensaries in Needham, Cambridge, and Somerville.

The state has yet to license any retailers that could buy wholesale quantities of marijuana from Sira Naturals.

The state has yet to figure out a procedure for transferring Cannabis grown under the medical marijuana system overseen by the Department of Public Health to the recreational market.

Legal sales for marijuana go into effect July 1. The company hopes that Cannabis Control Commission will start awarding retail licenses soon.

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