Before I started to use GoGreen Hemp CBD Gel Capsules for my next CBD edible review, I was feeling an abundance of back and neck pain. To ensure that my system is clear from any previous products, I take few days to a week off before I test a new product. During this break, my pain comes back and this time,  I was in so much pain that it got to a point where I could barely keep weight off my neck. I started to use MADE CBD Products Natural Topical Pain Relief Cream and applied it all over my aching neck.

Due to the severity of my neck pain, it took longer for the relief to kick in comparison to when I use it on my damaged wrist. It took a good 20 minutes and I started feeling a numbing sensation in my neck areas.

MADE CBD Products Natural CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream ReviewUsing MADE CBD Products Natural CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream

During the day, I am on the computer for over 8 hours. Since I have osteoarthritis, the pain can get severe due to the weather or just the constant moving of my wrist joints from typing. So, to ease any pain, I normally just grab M.A.D.E. Natural CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream and rub it where it hurts.

Within minutes I can start to feel relief. There were days where my pain was intense that the relief took longer. The pain relief wasn’t 100% though. I find this is common whenever I am in severe pain due to constant wrist usage or the cold weather.

M.A.D.E. Natural CBD cream smell is different than what I am used to.  It’s not medical but it’s not planty either. It’s very mildly scented and short lived. Once I apply it to my wrist the scent basically goes away.

One day last week, I was on my lunch break at work and I took my cream with me due to my ankle hurting badly that day. When I got into the car, I applied some cream on it before I drove to WAWA for a turkey panini. As I got back to work and about to enter the elevator I dropped the M.A.D.E. container. I said “shit” and I was about to cry. I just knew at that moment I was about to lose my CBD all over the floor. I was ecstatic when the glass container did not break. Big thumbs up for the company that produced the amber glass container!

8 Key ingredients in M.A.D.E. CBD Natural CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream

250 mg of CBD in 1 oz container

Price: $30

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