Are you constantly on your feet? Does your job require you to be on your feet all day or do you live a generally active life? Your feet could definitely use a foot lovin’ spa treat from Kamala’s nectar!

Here’s an honest review from a woman who had recently broken her foot. She has to wear hiking boots to help restabilize her feet and the heavy boots wear her feet out by the time she is home from work.

Cindy’s Review

After a long day of wearing hiking boots, my feet were aching and sore. So, that evening, I put on a good movie and soaked my feet with Kamala’s Nectar Foot Lovin’ Spa Treat. It has amber and bergamot included in the blend.

After just a few minutes of soaking my feet, I started to feel the ache in my feet disappear.  It was incredibly soothing and the aroma was very pleasant. It was like having an elegant spa treatment in the comfort of my home. I even fell asleep while relaxing with my feet in the water! It was a sensational bliss all around.

Kamala's Nectar Foot Lovin' Spa Treat - Artisan's Series, with Amber + Bergamot
Kamala’s Nectar Foot Lovin’ Spa Treat – Artisan’s Series, with Amber + Bergamot

I soaked my feet for about 40 minutes. After I took my feet out, I noticed the inflammation was gone and my feet felt loose and relaxed. Drying off my feet, I felt my skin was left very soft and hydrated. Walking around, I no longer felt any pain or discomfort in my feet.

That night, I was able to get a great night’s sleep without the discomfort of my feet hurting. I woke up the next morning with absolutely no pain in my feet. This is a high-quality product sold at an affordable price, and I would definitely use this product again. Thank you for the opportunity.

I highly recommend Kamala’s Nectar Foot Lovin’ Spa Treats to anyone with sore feet or is just in need of a spa day in the comfort of their own home!

Product Info:

Price: $17

Immerse yourself in the pure joy of moisturizers, the highest quality, pesticide-free 33 mg water-soluble 100% pure CBD, and aromatherapy.

Additional Ingredients: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Amber & Bergamot

Lab reports can be found on their website.

This product is currently sold out, click here to see other available products by Kamala’s Nectar!

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