Kamala’s Nectar Bliss Bath Bomb was a heavenly treat after enduring a hill-filled 6-mile run. My legs were especially sore today because previously, I had taken a few days to rest after tweaking a calf muscle.

The bath bomb was beautifully handmade with real flower petals included. I could smell its fragrance outside the packaging. It was on the larger side as it barely fit in the palm of my hand.

Created only with organic materials and water-soluble CBD, I knew I was in for a treat. It instantly gave off this “sexy and fun” vibe! Putting it into the bath, it immediately started fizzing feint purple bubbles in the water. The fragrance instantly started to fill my bathroom and smelled like I was in the middle of a flower bed.

After I eased into the bath, the bomb was about halfway through disintegrating with the water slowly turning a faint lavender purple. Pieces of flowers floated around in the water. The bath bomb was slow to finally disappear but relaxation was fast to kick in.

In about 20 minutes of soaking, I couldn’t feel the tension in my calves and thighs anymore. My skin felt soft from the coconut oil from the bath bomb, and my pores were open and relaxed, allowing any debris in my skin to exit. It was a perfect way to recover and detox after my run.

After my bath, I felt rejuvenated. My skin felt soft and had a glow, while my pain was dropped to a minimum. Overall, I was feeling fine and dandy post bath! I definitely recommend Kamala’s Nectar Bliss bath bombs!

Kamala’s Nectar Bliss Bath Bomb Details

Immerse yourself in the pure joy of moisturizers, the highest quality, pesticide-free 33 mg water-soluble 100% pure CBD, and aromatherapy.

Additional Ingredients: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:  Sandalwood and Frankincense

Cost: $20

Link to Purchase!

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