July CBD Giveaway 2018 sponsored by Morcheaba CBD

1 Winner of each.

500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The CBD Oil is great for #menopauseas it contains wild yam root and black cohosh root.


CBD Night Cream

Hyaluronic Acid works both as a moisture barrier to retain hydration on the skin externally while allowing internal hydration to be retained. Bathed in a base of Chamomile Hydrosol, Limanthes Alba Oil refreshes, and nourishes with antioxidant properties and is easily absorbed.

Mono De Tahiti Oil restores elasticity and stabilizes skin metabolism. Honey Extract further moisturizers as natural Oat Peptides increase absorption and soften. USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm extracted CBD adds to this youthful formulation which is paraben free with natural preservatives and emulsifiers, Phenonip and Olivem.

1. Chamomile Hydrosol
2. Limanthes Alba Oil (Natural Vitamin E)
3. Mono de Tahiti Oil
4. Oat Peptides
5. 100mg CBD Hemp Extract Oil
6. Phenonip
7. Montanov
8. Olivem

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July CBD Giveaway

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