It saddens me, acknowledging the state our country is in. Today is Labor Day and I sit and watch how everyone is so happy for the holiday break, only to go back to work tomorrow, feeling depressed.

As most of you know, I try to be very transparent in everything that I do. Answer your questions to the best of my ability.

So, I wanted to take this time out to reach out and answer everything that I can in one blog.

I started CBD Reviews because at the time there were no real reviews. All of the CBD reviews a person could search for were from the same company selling you a CBD product. There wasn’t any transparency and most of them were fake to entice consumers.

Much of this is still true today.

2 years in and it’s even worse. There are tons of reviews being posted but guess what, most of it is still insincere. I see reviews posted every day and I think to myself how in the world does this one person review 3-5 products in the span of 2 weeks. It’s impossible. To fully review a product you must really test it and give yourself a window to reset your tolerance for the next product to be reviewed.

I wouldn’t want to buy a brand new car if it was only road tested for a few days.

Your body is your temple. You deserve better treatment. Treatment that you can trust.

Over the first few months of writing reviews I was still learning all about CBD. Even today, my knowledge is still lacking. Not to say that I don’t know anything, but there is a lot to learn. It’s a big field and research is still discovering new things about cannabis daily.

As I started learning, I started to evolve. Throughout my life I’ve always put others first. Taking care of people without a second thought.

So when I saw the abuse that is going on still today in the CBD community I knew that I needed to help.

I wanted to also educate. CBD reviews alone was not going to do so. It’s the main reason that those of you who were there from the beginning saw the changes.

The last thing I wanted to be associated with was becoming an affiliate company.

While a few of the CBD companies that we reviewed or network with have affiliate accounts, 80% do not.

We will never be an affiliate-based company. Never ever.

So what did that mean for us?

Well, it means focusing on educating. It means going to work from 9-6 and then up until 1 am learning, writing and creating.

It means having to let go of relationships with CBD companies that are not aligned with the vision of helping people.

Did you know that most CBD companies could care less about us? They only in it for the money. Those companies compare to the pharmaceutical companies; they don’t care about healing others, they care about getting rich off of other’s expenses.

It’s why most products are watered down. They charge high prices for less CBD.

This is one reason I love to support smaller businesses. The love and care they put into their products speak a lot to their character.

And we are all alike. We don’t make any money doing this. None. We do this out of love to help others.

So how does all of this relate to Labor Day? Well I know many of you don’t work. If you do, you don’t make much money.

So why celebrate a holiday that does nothing for you? What is the solution?

Here are the things that we are doing:

3 video series.

CBD community.

This has been the biggest goal of mine. To find local cities that need our help. For those of you who just want a home and a decent job without the worries of bills bills bills.

Imagine being a part of a small community where everyone is helping everyone. A communal community. A place where everyone work to do their part and at the end of the day get together to relax and mingle.

It will happen. But, I need your help. Keep motivating us to not giving up. Hold us accountable.

If you see a CBD company doing a wrong, let us know! If you know of ways that we are able to use to accomplish those goals by all means reach out.

Don’t be afraid to share our posts. Educate, educate, educate.

Let others know that CBD Reviews is the place to come visit and learn.

As always, this is your safe space. Love y’all. ????

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