CBD has a magical way of bringing families together. Both blood-related and non-blood related. With anxiety and depression one of the leading causes of loneliness, CBD is enabling more people to enjoy life again.

I traveled abundantly while I served in the Navy. I was young and energetic. My life felt fully structured but things changed when I left. Life seems to happen right in front of you whenever you are least prepared for it.

Over the years, my anxiety and depression grew worse. I stayed in solitary and never wanted to be the center of attention.

I only had a small, close circle. But now, because of CBD, I have more energy and enthusiasm to go out more, enjoy life and meet new friends.

I’ve already made so many friends that I consider family. There are few pleasures in life worth more than being a part of a team with the same vision, helping other heals and have fun while doing it all. Life never made more sense to me than it does now.

Knowing that Young-Jin visited Melissa and Chad in Oregon reminds me of how life works the way it does, in divine magic. All of us with the same desire and drive to help others create the best versions of themselves through CBD were all put together to make the dream happen. And it has already started.

This past weekend, we had our first CBDreviews Networking Event and it was a blast! Halfway during the meeting, I sat in a corner and just opened my ears.

I couldn’t hear the chatter taking over the room. The energy in the air was unbelievable. It was fantastic being able to finally meet many of these faces in the industry when we’ve had only spoken on social media previously.

I saw numbers and social media handles exchanged which will bring new friendships and families.

CBD connects us much more than using it as a product. Think about the people that you have spoken to or reached out to over a common illness.

We all are connected and belong to something bigger.

We don’t have to continue to fight in fear. Love is stronger.

Just because we have a mental illness doesn’t mean that we have to hide who we are or what we have.

If you had the opportunity to meet new people, would you take it?

We are having a Halloween CBD Event. If you are in the Los Angeles area on Saturday, October 27th from 7pm-9pm, you should come out and mingle with us!
Much Love.

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