CBD truly can enhance a person’s quality of life. Many critics who haven’t tried CBD often ask, how can CBD do all it can do? Based on how CBD non-invasively interacts with the nervous system, a simplified answer would be it relaxes the mind.

Try thinking of your mind as a physical object. Let’s think of the mind made up of veins as an example. These veins are filled with your thoughts. When you are in constant use of your mind, these veins constrict to move the thought process faster, but it makes the space within the veins more condensed.

Not a lot of breathing room for ideas and imagination.

CBD helps your mind dilate, so more thoughts in “the veins” can flow more smoothly and more vastly. Imagine how much more space you’d have for thinking, feeling, knowing, understanding, and imagining. More room for bigger and better innovative ideas.

Literally, Everything Starts as a Thought… That’s a LOT

Your mind is made up of infinite multi-dimensional space and does become limited if you allow it to. When things feel constricted, it’s hard to know there’s more space in there if you don’t feel it.

People who live busy lives, or suffer from anxiety (or both) tend to have their minds running constantly whether they’re aware of it or not. CBD is a lot like meditation in which it helps open up more space in your mind to allow your thoughts, knowledge, and imagination to breathe a little better.

This Comes from Experience as I Suffer from Anxiety

The calming of the mind was the first thing I experienced when I started using CBD. I started really piecing together how having a relaxed mind literally changes everything in reality.

Things that used to stress me out don’t anymore, and that’s because my mind is much more open and organized. I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever felt that I can remember. Even things I love to do, like painting or drawing, I used to stress over because I’m a perfectionist and used to worry about other people not approving of the art I make for them. The stress showed in my work when I mean to only put love into it.

CBD helps with Anxiety and ADHD

It used to be challenging for me to stick with a routine because my mind used to be so scattered from ADHD. Part of the reason is that it was difficult for me to stay focused on what I was doing when my thoughts would keep distracting me. I used to walk around from room to room in circles forgetting why I had gone into the room in the first place because my mind would keep distracting me.

It was so frustrating! I couldn’t get anything done.

I developed a bad habit of not being able to finish things that I started, like artwork for example. I had to take a hiatus from creating art because it was too frustrating. This all, in turn, fed my depression because I wasn’t able to do things I truly loved to do.

CBD changed all of this for me. All because it helps to relax my mind. My life is now the most composed, elated and in routine, it’s ever been. Do you feel like you can relate? Need a place to start looking for premium quality CBD? Check out our vetted list of CBD companies!

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