The House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that legalizes marijuana on the federal level, removing it from schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.

Some Republican members expressed concerns that the bill went too far and that it was unlikely to be taken up in the GOP-controlled Senate.

The legislation, which passed 24 to 10, has a high chance of approval in the full House where Democrats control the chamber with 234 seats. It’s likely to face a tougher battle in the Republican-controlled Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opposes marijuana legalization.

House Judiciary Committee push for state rights

The legislation allows states to enact their own policies and gives them incentives to clear criminal records of people with low-level marijuana offenses.

It also includes a 5% tax on cannabis products that would provide job training and legal assistance to those hit hardest by the war on drugs.

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