I need a new computer desk at home. My desk is a little higher than what I use at my office. So whenever I am on it at work I don’t wear any shoes that would stabilize my ankle. I am always in pain after being there for a good bit. As I sat there I was trying to decide which of the 3 CBD pain cream products that I wanted to use. My mind brought up Hot Mess Kushmetics Sativa Steve Body Budder. It’s really funny how the mind works. I had just finished writing our February 2018 CBD Giveaway that was sponsored by Hot Mess Kushmetics.

Hot Mess Kushmetics Sativa Steve Body Budder Review

I have a sample size of their body butter, but on their website, you get a full 2 oz container of a total of 200 mg of CBD in each.

The smell is muted. Even though Hot Mess Kushmetics products are geared mostly to women a lot of their products does not have a strong feminine smell. The Sativa Steve Body Budder isn’t very strong. It has a masculine fragrance that isn’t on the musky side. After applying it to my ankle I smelled my fingers and it wasn’t overpowering like you can smell from body lotions from places like Bath and Body Works.

As I kept sitting there trying to think of the right words to describe the smell it brought me back to living in Maryland during my high school years. I cannot fully remember which brand it is.

After about 10 minutes I start to feel a numbing feeling in my ankle. I could feel the pain but yet it didn’t hurt as much. It’s the feeling that you get after surgery. Back in 2014 I had a few bones in my right wrist removed. The doctors used local anesthesia. So a few hours after surgery I was free to leave. On the drive home I could feel the pain but it wasn’t painful. It felt so much better than the time 5 years before when I had the ligaments and tendons repaired.

I also used it on the pain in my neck area that I was having after taking a break from not using CBD. I sat there and within 3-5 minutes my pain was gone. I was speechless. All week I was in pain and got relief from other CBD pain creams but this was the fastest.

I also tried it on my wrist as I was typing as I write this blog. The pain subsided a few to give me enough time to work. This is what CBD does. It’s not a fix. It gives you the opportunity to have somewhat of a normal life even while dealing with pain. CBD is all natural. Would you rather use a natural product or keep relying on pharmaceuticals that often do more damage than good.

Hot Mess Kushmetics Sativa Steve Body Budder Review

Using Hot Mess Kushmetics Sativa Steve Body Budder on Day 2

I woke up at 3:30 am this morning in severe pain. I tried to stretch and I felt sharp pain down from my neck to my shoulder blade to my back and knew something was wrong. The pain that I was having all week I thought finally going away, but boy was I wrong.

I went to the ER at 4 am and the nurses knew right away what was wrong with me. He touched both of my shoulders and told me I was having severe muscle spasms. The doctor diagnosed me with the same thing.

They gave me a shot on my buttocks which burned like crazy and gave me muscle relaxers to take home. I was in and out the VA emergency room in an hour. I am so grateful that I joined the Navy. The VA hospital here in South Florida is top of the line.

Around lunchtime, the pain was subsiding but it was not going away fast enough. I knew it would be a few days for me to get back to normal so I asked my sister to add some of the CBD Body Budder to my back.

The Body Budder helped a little but being the OCD and the antsy person I am I kept moving and doing things with my son. The pain came back within 30 minutes. One thing that I recommend is to make sure that you rest whenever you are using a CBD product as much as possible.

My wrist was also hurting and I applied the Budder to it. It helped me there more than it did my back. I figured that this is due to the difference in the types of pain I was in. My back was all muscular while my wrist is joint pain.

Overall, my experience using Hot Mess Body Budder is positive. I recommend buying it. I have one major recommendation and that is making sure that you wash your hands after using it. I learned this the hard way. I ate a CBD Macaroon from Tranquil Treats and I regretted it right away. I could taste the lotion in my mouth. I ran to wash it out but it lingered for a good hour.

Hot Mess Kushmetics Sativa Steve Body Budder Descriptions

A clean masculine fragrance that smells of fresh rain and clean mountain air. Enriched with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil, and Aloe Vera juice to leave your skin silky soft but never greasy.

Cost: $49.00

Link if you would like to make a purchase.

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