The brand is HOT MESS KUSHMETICS and this particular lotion is the High Jump Cannabis-Infused body lotion. This is a 4 fluid oz bottle with 100 mg of CBD total.

The ingredients include some awesome stuff, along with hemp derived CBD isolate! There are aloe vera leaf juice and shea butter, which both are prime in making your skin hydrated and moisturized!

The texture is smooth and creamy and the smell is DELICIOUS. It smells tangy, fruity and floral. But it isn’t overwhelming, it’s actually very pleasing to the senses. I wore it out on a date last week and my boyfriend even complimented me on the smell.

I was like… it’s not me, its HOT MESS KUSHMETICS you should be complimenting!

I love this lotion because of how it smells and how it makes my skin feel after I apply it. It also has been helping with any shoulder or back breakouts I get from stress. I’m guessing the combination with aloe vera and CBD is what helps with the acne!

I definitely recommend this lotion to anyone! I haven’t found one thing I do not like about it.

Hot Mess Kushmetics High Jump Cannabis-Infused Body Lotion Details

Infusion of Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils.

Enriched with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil, and Aloe Vera juice to leave your skin silky soft but never greasy.
Vegan | Sulfate Free | Paraben Free

Smooth this lotion all over your body, paying extra attention to any areas with pain. Use as often as needed.

Size: 4 oz – $27 or 8 oz – $39

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