Hemp Direct – CBD Isolate Review

Website – https://hemp-direct.com/

(Hemp Direct sent me a sample of their CBD isolate a few weeks back to get some feedback on the product before they offered it for sale. I liked it so much I thought I’d share my experience)

Amount – 1 gram of isolate in slab/shard form

Lab Analysis Available? – Yes. The packaging comes with a batch # and a URL to lookup the lab results. The batch wasn’t up on their site at first, but they emailed me back within 10 minutes with the correct lab results; I thought that was excellent. The results are pretty impressive, and the batch number on the product matches the lab report, all in all – everything looked good. (I have seen some vendors use out of date lab reports etc… none of that here)

Appearance – The product comes in a standard clear acrylic concentrate container. The product doesn’t stick to the container which is nice. The CBD itself came in a slab/shard form and it’s pretty easy to break off a piece or break into a powder. It looks very high quality, there doesn’t appear to be any impurities or anything off with its appearance.

Smell – Very little smell as this product is an isolate and doesn’t contain terpenes.

Taste – The taste is a nice, very subtle, cherry flavor. It isn’t a strong, maraschino cherry flavor & it isn’t as strong as an isolate with terpenes, but I really enjoy the subtle taste/flavor and has a nice little throat hit at higher temperatures. I especially like this product in a dab rig; it has a really nice throat hit which is satisfying and the subtle cherry flavor isn’t overpowering.

Effects – I wanted to make sure I tested this CBD isolate out in every way possible; I added it to my coffee & tea, under my tongue, on top of some hemp flowers, used in a dab rig, and also with a Saionara atomizer. The effects were uniform for each; a very nice boost of energy and by the end of the day I noticed I had much, much less anxiety than normal. After taking this a few days, I also noticed, after taking it in the morning, I sleep much better. The effects are very consistent, that is really important with medicine/supplements.

I use CBD and CBD isolate for anxiety and digestion issues & I’ve really enjoyed this isolate a lot. It seems like a very high quality extraction, the effects are wonderful and I like the subtle taste. Overall, I think my favorite method of ingestion is dissolving it in coffee (with a little coconut oil). I found the least effective method of ingestion for this isolate was sublingual; if you were to crush the isolate and eat fatty foods along with it, you might have better results.

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