Today I am reviewing the Sour Diesel variety of vape pen from Hemp Direct. This is an update on the review that Bevon did on May 9th 2017. The package comes with a pre-filled disposable cartridge and a 510 thread vape pen, as well as a convenient USB charger. It contains 250 mg of Pure Hemp Oil, which is 100% plant based from seed to oil. The serving size is 2.5 mg.

Hemp Direct 250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen Review

The first thing that I noticed about the product was it’s amazing smell, the aroma was very similar to a freshly cut lemon. This is indicative of the terpenes that Hemp Direct utilizes in their product. When I took a pull from the vape pen the flavor was a little less pronounced than the smell, which was great because I was curious if it would be overwhelming, to my delight it was subtle and smooth. I had woken up with a headache for no apparent reason but when I took three drags from the pen I noticed that the pain went from a 4 to a 1 almost immediately. This speaks volumes about the quality of the CBD and the ratio of terpenes that are found in this product.

Hemp Direct 250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen Review
Hemp Direct 250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen

I would recommend using this product for daily use, as well as acute phases of pain or other symptoms that can be mitigated using CBD. The only drawback to the product that I can possibly see is that some people may be used to inhaling more vapor when taking a pull from the pen, this vape pen yields a little less vapor per pull but it is also a lot more compact so that would account for this factor. Overall this is a very great product, it has the full spectrum of CBD and terpenes and an amazing flavor and smell. This is yet another reason why we love having Hemp Direct as part of The CBD Coalition.

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