Recent CBD hemp oil class-action claims that Hemp Bombs CBD products are mislabeled and fail to contain the advertised CBD levels.

The Hemp Bombs brand reportedly sells numerous CBD products including candy, vape cartridges, edibles, pet products, and more. These products are reportedly advertised as “high potency” CBD and list a certain amount of CBD per product.

However, these CBD products allegedly do not contain as much CBD as advertised by the manufacturer. A recent class-action lawsuit filed in Massachusetts federal court argues that Hemp Bombs misrepresents the amount of CBD found in their hemp products but under-delivers on their claims.

According to Law360, plaintiff Marjorie Ahumada reportedly purchased two packages Hemp Bombs’ gummies based on representations that they contained a total of 75 mg of CBD oil.

Ahumada allegedly understood this to mean that each gummy contained 15 mg of CBD. However, testing of the products allegedly revealed that the gummies contained less CBD than advertised.

Ahumada’s CBD class action argues that Hemp Bombs takes advantage of consumers by misrepresenting the amount of CBD found in their products.

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