On this “National CBD day” please remember that while CBD helps us a lot, we should still stay vigilant in these times. Progressively, CBD brands are entering the market and their CBD content is not accurate as stated on their labels.

Case in point: NBC KGW8 tested Tinctures, Lotions, and CBD Living water, CBD gummies, CBD lattes, CBD donuts, CBD pet treats, CBD sausage and CBD beer.

They took the products for testing with Green Lead Lab in Portland, Oregon.

The results are eye-opening.

The CBD tinctures were 10-15% off, which is acceptable in the industry. The CBD lotions tested accurately to their labels.

CBD Living water promised 5mg of CBD in their bottle. The test revealed ZERO (0) CBD.

No CBD was detected in the CBD sausage from New Seasons grocery store.

The lab found no CBD in the Coalition Brewing Company CBD beer. Only trace amounts were found on the inside of the can.

The PUUR CBD Gummies claimed 250 mg of CBD. The testing found 80% less than the label.

The Pet Vet CBD peanut butter dog treat claimed 50 mg of CBD per package. The test results found less than 50% CBD.

The Blue Star CBD Chocolate Hazelnut Custard donut was accurate at 10mg of CBD along with the CBD latte.

PUUR gummies claimed that the product was counterfeit.

Please please be aware of the products that you purchase from.

Source: https://www.kgw.com/video/news/local/cbd-hype-are-you-getting-what-you-pay-for/283-36433f4a-79b4-4945-9f85-b7ffb697a611

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