Hey all, check out Grizzly Realms CBD Topical Salve. I have been using it for over 2 weeks every morning and sometimes in the evening depending on my pain level.

Grizzly Realms CBD Topical Salve comes in 1/2 oz. size tin can. It has a neutral color with a sweet odor. The smell is sweet. If I did not know that it was a CBD topical salve I would be tempted to eat it. The salve has a slight hint of lavender.

the price point for someone looking to try CBD for the first time

Lavender, being one of the ingredients, gives you the added therapeutic relieve of tension and stress.


Grizzly Realms CBD Topical Salve Review

They really packed a lot of CBD into their topical salve. There is 250 mg of CBD in each 1/2 oz. can for only $12.99. This is very reasonable when compared to others.

The pain relief lasts around 4 hours or so. The more I used the more relieve I was feeling. There were a few days where I was in severe pain due to rain and the relieve was not as good as general everyday pain. This is where having Osteoarthritis sucks sometimes. It gets worse in cold and rainy weather.

Overall, I really like it. Especially the price point for someone who is looking to try CBD for pain relieve for the first time and not wanting to spend a lot of money.

Their products are hand made in Fresno, California. No two products will be alike. Each jar of Salve is infused with 250mg of CBD derived from the Hemp plant.

The CBD they use in all their products are:

Good for:

Grizzly Realms CBD Topical Salve Ingredients

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