A day after starting my GoGreen Hemp CBD Gel Capsules for this review I started feeling heavy pain on my back and neck area. This is common for me after I switch CBD edible products. I normally take a few days to clear out my system. Whenever I do that I can feel the body aches. As I get older my pains get worse and CBD has been helpful.

What I like to do is take one CBD Gel Capsule each morning when I make my ginger tea. Each CBD capsule has 25 mg of CBD and there are 30 capsules in each bottle. They also make 10 mg capsules. The bottle itself has a dark amber color to it. This is great because it helps keep out UV light.

When I open the bottle the first thing that I see is the standard cotton balls that you would expect inside medicine bottles. The CBD capsules are dark in color. This is a vast difference from most other capsules which are light in color. GoGreen Hemp capsules are smaller than others I’ve had the pleasure of using.

How I feel about GoGreen Hemp CBD Gel Capsules Review

For the first 2 days, my anxiety relief was minimal. This is common for those who are new or those of us who take a break between using CBD products. CBD, when ingested, works best over time and the effects are slow.

I have not experienced any aftertaste from the capsules. Because it’s smaller than other capsules it goes down easy when I swallow.

Each capsule also includes 0.12 mg of CBDA, 0.08 mg of CBGA and 0.15 mg of CBDV.

Final Thoughts On the CBD Gel Capsules

After using the CBD capsules for 2 weeks I can say that it helped me with my anxiety. It did not, however, help me with any pains that I was having. Initially, the first 2 days of usage the relief was minor but after that, it helped me all day. This leads me to conclude that as we commonly mention that CBD works best when you take it every day.

GoGreen Hemp CBD Gel Capsules Review

GoGreen Hemp CBD Gel Capsules Details


Their gel capsules are independently verified by 3rd party laboratories and deliver the highest quality CBD oil, at the most affordable cost on the market! Their gel capsules also come in two levels; 10mg and 25mg.

The Gel Capsules are also:

Cost: $23.99 $39.99> for the 10mg capsules while the 25 mg that I use is $54.99 $79.99 as of this posting.

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Click here to view their lab reports.

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