No one else truly knows another person’s daily struggles with anxiety and depression. Especially those who have never experienced this mental distresses. One thing that is becoming more apparent to me is that the average person can be in the same room with someone like me and not even know how it feels to be dying on the inside.

I get it. I’ve been there and I still go through it. So I am very familiar with how that feels. It’s definitely a challenge for some of us to feel naturally happy most of the time.

But I have positive news. I’m here for you. I remember your stories. I may get caught up with work and building CBD reviews but I haven’t forgotten. You guys are here for me in more ways than you know. The support I get from our community is what keeps me strong.

I will continue to use this platform to help each of you heal and become the best you that you can be. We have each other’s backs.

Because we know that fame, money, etc doesn’t always bring happiness. It may for a short term, but happiness isn’t something you find. It is something you create within yourself.

This is why CBD is so powerful.

It helps you find that source of happiness you carried with you all along.

But remember, you have to be careful. Stay observant and question everything.

There are a lot of snakes in the yard.

Not every company in the industry cares about your well being. They are only out there to get money from you.

We know that CBD relaxes your body to the point where you get sleepy.

Fun fact. CBD actually doesn’t make you sleepy. Your body is sleepy, but your mind is distracted from it. CBD takes away any of the masks (overthinking, pain, etc.) that might be shielding the fact that your body is tired from your consciousness.

CBD at is best tells your body, “hey, forget about what is troubling you and get the beauty rest you deserve. So you may heal and wake up feeling better.”

At the same time, if you need energy boost CBD helps. Naturally. It basically does the same thing by taking away whatever is shielding you from experiencing the energy and alertness you know you have.

It’s all about balancing your nervous system. Your nervous system controls everything in your body. Everything is connected. And by helping to balance out your nervous system, CBD ultimately helps anything else that might be out of balance.

The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that we truly never get everything that we want in life. But I know that helping people makes me whole.

Don’t let anyone take you for granted.

I know you are suffering. I am too. Just like you have my back, I have yours.

We are going to continue to weed out the bad companies. We will always inform you. And please inform us if you aren’t being catered fairly. We are here to help.

And remember I get it. There are some days where I lay down feeling completely isolated and don’t want to get up. But then I remember wow, everyone had been giving me such love. Especially on the videos. I’m grateful for all the support. It’s helping me become stronger.

No matter how nervous or scared I feel, I know that you still appreciate that I did it.

This is your safe space. CBD helps me every day that I take it, but your love and support do much more. Much love.

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