FOX5 went to several popular valley businesses, bought their products, then handed it over to a testing lab to find out exactly what’s inside.

“It’s all over the place right now,” Canalysis Laboratories president Skipper Kelp said. “You can get 10 products off the shelves. Five will have exactly what it says. Some will have none. Some will have less, even more levels of CBD.”

“With CBD products, right now there’s no regulatory body so a sticker that says ‘lab-tested,’ anyone could do that,” Kelp said.

CBD brands are making products at home

Some businesses make it at home. Others buy third-party products, trusting in what’s on the labels.

FOX5 bought items from stores across Las Vegas including CBD gummies, oils and water, and gave it to the scientists at Canalysis.

When it came to potency, only two of the six products tested as labeled. Three other products had less than half the amount of CBD, claimed.

Of the two sets of gummies, one had just 1/20th of what was on the label. The CBD water showed not a single trace of CBD inside.

FOX5 chose not to identify any of the products that were tested.

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