I love starting my day off with a nice cup of hot coffee or green tea and some CBD. followed by that, I do a cardio workout, and today was nice enough outside to go run. My usual combination does a great job in helping me push out my morning workout, but I think I might have found something even better… Flower Power Coffee Co. CBD coffee!

Flower Power Coffee Co. makes a deliciously earthy coffee blend that contains 30mg/36 fl oz of 99.96% water-soluble CBD. The taste is smooth with a little sweetness. I take my coffee black and am particular about what coffee I really enjoy, and this coffee checks all the marks!

The effects took about 15 min to kick in after I began to drink my first cup. I felt very alert, awake and motivated to run! What’s nice about the CBD is it helps reduce the unwanted effects of caffeine including coffee jitters and anxiousness.

If only I knew about CBD in college a few years ago… I used to drink at least a pot in the morning to get through my day! I used to be very addicted to caffeine. Now I enjoy a cup every now and then, while mostly relying on matcha green tea to pick me up in the morning.

If I could pick what coffee to drink for the rest of my life, however, it would definitely be CBD infused coffee. It really helps to focus, energize, and motivate me, especially while getting back into running. (I want to start training for either the Spartan Race or the Tough Mudder!) But it also provides a sense of calm, easy thinking and oneness.

Coffee + CBD is the most iconic morning duo in my opinion! Especially coffee from Flower Power Coffee Co. I love their coffee blend overall, and definitely, recommend it to anyone who loves coffee like me!

Flower Power Coffee Co. New York House Blend Signature Details

South American beans roasted in New York City. Sweet with a medium acidity and a smooth pleasant body. Signature is a perfect way to wake up every morning.

Serving size: 6 fl oz
Serving per pouch: 6
Amount of CBD: 30 mg per pouch

Cost: $15

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