I love helping small businesses. I get very loyal when I find one that I feel very comfortable with. For example, I have been going to my barber Sam for almost 3 years now so I’m dedicated. I forgot that his wife is a massage therapist and I completely forgot that he told me this years ago. As I wrote in my Hot Mess Kushmetics Sativa Steve Body Butter post I have been dealing with really bad muscle pains over the past week. I made an appointment with her and I asked her to use my Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream.

I have been using the CBD muscle cream off and on for almost 2 weeks now and it really helps my wrist and my ankle. But when the doctor told me that I was having muscle spasms and I needed to have it massaged I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to use Extract Labs CBD.

Being that Extract Labs created the cream to target your muscles I knew I had to have her use it. Before we started I asked her if she could use the cream and she was very happy to. She previously used CBD once to help her recover from doing massages every day. During the massage, we talked about CBD and we both got to learn something new.

Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream Review

Using Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream during my massage

The first thing she told me was that she found the spot of my pain. Near my shoulder blade was a huge knot. She said the area around it was tensed up. My full left side was rock hard compared to the more relaxed right side.

We discussed different cause and came to the conclusion that it was due to the way I sleep. Most of her clients all have the same problem. As side sleepers, we put a lot of pressure on one side of our body. This is one reason that everyone should have a good mattress that will help the body recover at night. This is the time that the body takes to recover from the day and not getting good rest causes problems.

As she massages my back I could feel the tingling from the tingling from the CBD muscle cream. I felt so relaxed. We were discussing the ingredients and one of them Jojoba Oil is what she uses every day. It’s a great carrier oil for the body.

An hour after the massage my back and neck feel really great. The pain is very minimal. The pain relief lasted me at least 5 hours because I went to bed before I could track more time.

Over the past week I am still dealing with the pain. However, I have been using the muscle cream along with muscle relaxers and a heating pad to help me deal with the pain. It has been helping me slowly.

After using the muscle cream on my wrist, my ankle and now my neck and my back I highly recommend it. Just like any other creams that you use for your body pain I always recommend massaging the area. This will help the flow of blood in the area. I look forward to getting a massage now every month to help keep my muscles in check.

Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream Review

Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream Details

The CBD muscle cream has a sweet smell menthol smell. Just like other full spectrum CBD pain creams that I have used there is a distinct smell. I can surely tell the difference now between a product using full spectrum CBD compare to CBD Isolate. This product, however, the menthol scent is stronger than the smell of the CBD. The muscle cream is also on the greasy side.


500 mg in 1.6 oz container

Price: $60

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