On Monday while I was visiting my friends I got the chance to meet Theresa, the owner of Empress Herbal Products CBD Salve. Theresa, Francine, one of our writers, and I met at this very low key cafe. We talked and laughed for around 4 hours discussing CBD, life and the Medical Marijuana industry in Philadelphia.

I was very intrigued by Theresa’s company as she focuses more on the beauty end of CBD, which is surely lacking right. We discussed her process and why she started Empress Herbal Products.

As there is a lack of women owners in the CBD industry it was very refreshing to view her take on CBD and where the future leads.

Over the coming weeks I will be reviewing her other products like CBD soap, CBD body butter and CBD oils.

Empress Herbal Products CBD Salve Review

Empress Herbal Products CBD Salve’s come in a .5 oz. container of mild strength (75 mg of CBD), medium strength (150 mg of CBD), and extra strength (225 mg of CBD). For this review I have been using the 75 mg version.

The container itself is made of aluminum. It fits very easily in a purse, book bag or in a pants pocket. One on side is the Empress Herbal Products Logo with website link and on the other side it has the ingredients.

Compare to other CBD Salve’s that I’ve tried; Empress Herbal CBD Salve has as darker color to it. This due to the CBD extracted from the whole plant. If you have ever taken CBD RSO then you will feel at home using this CBD Salve.

The Empress Herbal Products CBD Salve has a very sweet smell to it, which come from the addition of the Emu, Coconut and Natural Fragrance Oils.

As I wrote in my previous post on my road trip from Florida to Pennsylvania, I was using CBD to help me along my trip. Due to the long trip including all of the extra driving that I have been doing over the past week has caused me to be in a lot of pain. As some of you know I have bad Osteoarthritis in my right wrist. I have been using the Empress Herbal CBD Salve to help me deal with the pain and swelling.

I have been using it throughout the day and it has helped reduce the swelling and the pain. For those of you like me with chronic pain, I suggest using your finger tips to massage the area for a good 10-20 seconds. This helps create friction and warmth.

Overall Empress Herbal Products CBD Salve works for 3-6 hours depending on my pain level. On Wednesday I only used it about 3 times. On a day like yesterday, Thursday, with heavy overcast I was in a lot of pain. The Empress Herbal CBD Salve helped me tolerate the pain but I can still feel it. On normal days the pain goes away. I really like this CBD Salve and I will surely continue to use it. It is very reasonable price-wise. My only gripe is that with it being darker in color it can stain your clothes. Please be careful. It does not however stain your skin. Your skin basically absorbs it and you can wash it off.

Empress Herbal Products CBD Salve helps with:

As you can see from the list above, Empress Herbal Products CBD Salve can be used for various ailments. Many of Empress Herbal customers have said that it helps them greatly.


Purchase: http://www.empressherbalproducts.com/cbd-body-butters

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