Yesterday I decided it was time to use my Dreem Nutrition CBD Transdermal Patch to help me with my Osteoarthritis. I’ve had it sitting my work bag for weeks now. Always forgetting to use it. It was worth the wait.

Dreem Nutrition is a company dedicated to helping athletes from all range of age to help during and post work out sessions. Their products include 125 mg CBD Drops, 15 mg CBD Transdermal Patch, and a B12 Transdermal Patch.
Dreem Nutrition CBD Transdermal Patch

Dreem Nutrition CBD Transdermal Patch Review

Opening the pouch I found an alcohol pad along with 1 CBD patch. I give mad respect on the included alcohol pad. You use it to wipe the area that you will be applying the patch. The alcohol sterilized your skin the same way your doctor or nurse does before you give blood or get a medical shot. This prevents any germs or dirt from infecting the area.

The CBD Transdermal Patch comes attached to a firm plastic backing. Once you remove the backing there is no going back. I applied the patch to my wrist and went about my normal day.

Each patch provides 15 mg of CBD and lasts up to 24 hours. I noticed over the first 4 hours a reduction of pain in my wrist from my daily usage of being on the computer. I normally apply any CBD creams ongoing throughout the day. So it felt weird not being able to reach and grab my creams.

Dreem Nutrition CBD Transdermal Patch opened

Dreem Nutrition CBD Transdermal Patch is waterproof

I am a huge Germaphobe and I am also a little OCD. Always constantly washing my hands every chance I get. I tried my hardest to mess up the patch as much as  I can and I can say the results are positive. It is waterproof.

If you are going to use this during a workout you don’t have to worry about your sweat peeling off the patch. The adhesive holds fast and the backing feels like plastic.

After using the patch for 15 hours I can say that it works. It helped my pain levels. It did not take away my pain completely but my situation is different as my bones are always rubbing against each other.

I put the patch through the ringer and it held up pretty well. For the location on my wrist which is constantly moving it didn’t come off. I even caught myself scratching at it and it still stayed on.

I highly recommend the patch for those of you who can afford it, but I wouldn’t use it for everyday use as the cost will be too much. However, if you are spending the money on patches on the regular then go for it. Hopefully, as prices of CBD comes down so will the price of each patch.

Back of Dreem Nutrition CBD Transdermal Patch

Cost is $15 for each CBD Patch.

Active Ingredients: 15mg CBD

Inactive Ingredients: Acrylic Polymer

If you would like to make a purchase.

Dreem Nutrition CBD Transdermal Patch after use
Dreem Nutrition CBD Transdermal Patch after using

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