There are plenty of options for taking CBD. It’s all on transparency and education. For example, if you like coffee then why not an organic CBD brand? You are going to drink coffee anyways. So why not try CBD guilt-free? The cost difference isn’t really anything more expensive than something you would order from Starbucks.

On another note, you may end up drinking less coffee over time. CBD will help you find balance within where you will have enough natural energy to not need as much caffeine.

This Applies to More than Just Caffeine

This applies to anything. At our first kick-ass CBD networking event over the weekend, we connected with Medipuff CBD. They make CBD infused cotton candy! What a great way to get your sweet treat in and simultaneously get your dose of CBD too.

Cotton candy isn’t for everyone. But this is why brands need your feedback. Ask for vegan options or gluten-free. Let’s see if Medipuff CBD can bring that to you. Make sure to remind them to send you current lab reports.

Three of our favorite CBD drinks at the event was Baby Hooter, Hifi Supplement, and OLEO. Three companies that target different customers.

I grew up drinking Kool-Aid. But I sure don’t today due to its high refined sugar content. But I definitely would add some the lemon-flavored Baby Hooters to my water today. It’s my favorite out of all their flavors. A perfect drink to serve at a birthday party or backyard get-together.

Now when I practice yoga or go to the gym, I can drink OLEO coconut CBD mix. It’s the perfect CBD drink mix for working out. They strive to support a healthy, active lifestyle with their products. It shows in the quality of my workouts! I feel a lot better drinking OLEO vs regular water when it comes to endurance and strength.

And after you are done, or if you are recovering from an injury, why not take HiFi supplements BCAA CBD powderBCAA supplements are commonly taken in order to boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. They may also help with weight loss and reduce fatigue after exercise. It helped me reduce inflammation after I slipped down the steps and injured my meniscus. You can even drink it any time of the day.

That’s 3 great drink options and they don’t directly compete with each other and you can try them all guilt-free. But hold them accountable. Ask for lab reports.

CBD Pre-Rolls

Did you know that you can get high % CBD pre-rolls? If you want to smoke, then why not smoke something organic? Products made with CBD that are guilt-free. Flos energy CBD came out and supported us.

We have personally tried it. Brought a total sense or calm. Energetic without the high. It’s less than .3% in THC and 27% of CBD.

If you have to get drug tested then I’d recommend an isolated based CBD product.

There are Various CBD products on the Market

There are more than we can name. Let’s demand more vegan options. At least organic if at all possible. It’s becoming clear that if it is not natural, then it shouldn’t go into the body.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. With CBD you can have your cake and eat it too. Without the guilt of it affecting you negatively later.

Speaking of which, did you know we are working on bringing you a testing lab?

We will make it so you can visit our website, pull up a brand you are interested in, and search for current lab reports that we tested ourselves. This is for full transparency. We want to be the window between consumers and brands so consumers can be aware of reliable brands. We want to ensure the safety of all CBD users around the country.

Would you support us?

What’s your favorite method of CBD consumption?

Let us help bring change. Let us guide you to clean and healthy CBD products.

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