While there are not a lot of studies on how CBD affects the human body during pregnancy, we do know that CBD helps with many of the symptoms of pregnancy.

CBDs helps with the following common conditions that many pregnant women are faced with:

Backache/Chronic Pain

Researchers concluded CBD was effective in overall pain management without adverse side effects.


CBD can assist the body by activating the neurotransmitter known as 5hydroxytryptamine. This is the neurotransmitter that assists the body in slowing down expulsion reflexes which assist in decreasing vomiting and nausea.

Post-partum Depression

Two common symptoms of pregnancy are post-partum depression and anxiety. CBD induces rapid-acting antidepressant-like effects and also helps reduce anxiety.

Premature Contractions

According to one study from the Journal of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility, CBD, as well as THC, can reduce uterine contractions.

Morning Sickness

The 1st trimester of a pregnancy is normally accompanied by morning sickness. Preliminary findings show that CBD activates 5-HT1A. This is a monoamine neurotransmitter, also known as Serotonin. When the neurotransmitter is activated, it results in reducing nausea sensation. Researchers note that CBD reduces nausea as well as vomiting significantly.

Finally, immediately after birth, cannabinoid CB1 receptor activation appears to play an essential role in the initiation of suckling, which is necessary for successful postnatal development and growth.

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