Like many of you, I also have Osteoarthritis and CBD has been helping me. I have it bad in my wrists.

I hurt my hands while I was in the military. It never fully healed. Over an 8-year period, they kept diagnosing me with tendinitis. After I left the military I was working on the computer and heard a loud pop.

I developed a ganglion cyst. The doctor removed it by using a big needle to remove the insides. That really didn’t help because I was still in a lot of pain. The doctors at the VA ended up doing an arthroscopy surgery.

That didn’t work. So, through my job I ended up having an MRI at the Beth Israel hospital in downtown NYC.

After an MRI, the doctors found that I had torn my ligaments and tendons in my right wrist. I had surgery to fix both. Really lost movement. I couldn’t bend it as far as I could with my left wrist anymore.

Over the years the pain continued. A great surgeon at the VA here in South Florida saw that I had little cartilage left. He removed 3 bones to give the remainder bones more room with what cartilage I have let. The surgeon also diagnosed me with Osteoarthritis.

Still being in pain today I manage my pain with CBD creams to give me day by day relief. It’s helps for about 3-5 hours. On the day that I am in high scale pain I must still use my medication. But I don’t rely on it a lot like I did in the past.

I rub CBD on my scars in between my joints and after 5 minutes it starts to work.

So that’s my story. What about yours? Tell me on the comments below and let see if we can get CBD to help you. You have nothing to loose except the pain.

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