According to the NY Times, a graduate student experienced unwanted effects including high heart rate and hallucinations after using a vape product from Diamond CBD.

Diamond CBD claims that their products are known to have soothing effects and can help a person live a more qualitative life. This isn’t what this man experienced.

Scientists at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA ran some tests of Diamond CBD vaping liquids, some from the graduate student and some bought from the manufacturer. In four of nine samples, all marketed on the company’s website as 100% natural and safe, the lab found a synthetic compound known as 5F-ADB.

This particular ingredient has been linked by the Drug Enforcement Administration to anxiety, convulsions, psychosis, hospitalization, and death.

Diamond CBD has often promoted its products as health aids meant to “help your body to heal and recover” and “to make you feel the best version of yourself.” The company’s parent, PotNetwork Holdings, said in a statement that independent tests did not show “any unnatural or improper derivative.” The company said it planned to run more tests on its products and materials and would issue a recall if it found any problems.

The exact opposite of how CBD should feel!

As we have mentioned for years now… Stay away from Diamond CBD!

This brand needs to be put at an end!!

What are your thoughts?

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