As I was getting ready to cook lunch for the day a thought popped into my head that I could use some CBD Isolate from Cali Born Dreams in my dish to get a different option than just taking CBD in a tincture format.

I took a few minutes to figure out the best method because I didn’t want to use my tinctures. I couldn’t find my CBD coconut oil from raised spirits and then I remember I had some CBD Isolate from Cali Born dreams.

The CBD Isolate I added it to my mashed potatoes that I was making with steak. I bought this 5.2 L air fryer from Amazon and I have cooked chicken and fish in it this past week. The flavors are so much better than cooking on a regular stove. It is also much healthier than cooking food in a lot of oil.

I seasoned my steak strips using Oregano and thyme that are grown in the backyard along with peppercorn, Himalayan pink salt, and my favorite Caribbean complete seasoning. It takes only 20 minutes to cook.

Cooking with Cali Born Dreams CBD Isolate

Adding the CBD Isolate from Cali Born Dreams into my mashed potatoes

After boiling the potatoes, mashing them up and adding seasoning I sprinkled half of the CBD powder (500mg) all over the potatoes. I then mixed it up really well. As I am doing this on the fly I cannot give exact amounts per serving. I estimated I was received around 40-50 mg per serving.

The effects took a little over 2 hours and I felt the pain in my neck and shoulder slowly went away. Being able to feel relief from the pains gave me joy that the CBD Isolate was working. I was worried at first that it was not going to work. The CBD lasted in my system for more than 8 hours.

Overall I like the flexibility of using the CBD Isolate powder, however, I wish the price was cheaper. The cost of $60 per gram is much higher than others.

Note: A week after initial posting the price dropped to $35.

Cooking with Cali Born Dreams CBD Isolate

Cali Born Dreams CBD Isolate details

Cali Born Organic CBD Isolate can be taken orally by placing under the tongue for at least 30 seconds. If you’re feeling crafty infuse their Organic CBD Isolate into a soluble oil like coconut, then add it to your favorite cup of coffee, smoothie or ice cream. You can even create your own edibles like I did with the mashed potatoes.

Cost: $60 $35 per 1 gram.

Click here to visit their website.

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