COMPANY: Bluebird Botanicals

LOCATION: Boulder, Colorado



PURCHASE: Established in 2012, Bluebird Botanicals has crafted a website that is easy to use with a plethora of information and products available. There is a discount listed, on the top of their main page, for 20% off your first purchase using the code “firsttime” at checkout. This discount is in addition to the Assistance Programs they offer veterans, long-term disability and low income customers. For an added bonus, if you spend over $50, your domestic shipping is free. Bluebird’s ease of use and customer centric approach makes them a solid recommendation for both new and experienced cannabis users.

SHIPPING: Prompt, USPS shipping with same or next business day turn around after you have placed your order. Tracking information is communicated quickly. Even more, Bluebird utilizes biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts and 100% recycled paper for packaging and receipts.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I am consistently impressed. I receive genuine kindness with all my inquiries. All questions are answered professionally and efficiently. Bluebird’s holistic model of dealing with customers exemplifies their superior service.

LAB TESTS: Yes! The lab report is readily available at (you may need to login with your account to view the report) and includes information for potency, mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological screening. This thorough approach is how all cannabis companies should test their products. Most often you will just find potency results but Bluebird tests everything.

INGREDIENTS: 92+% pure cannabigerol (CBG) isolate extracted from European organic hemp. The remaining 8% is mostly wax and Bluebird is currently in development to refine their CBG isolate even further.

VISUAL: Pale yellow crystalline powder similar to coconut sugar.

SMELL: None detected.

TASTE: Virtually no taste detected other than a slight nutty flavor upon vaporization.

DOSE: ~50mg of CBG vaporized using Magic Flight’s latest product (a sneak peak will be posted on r/CBD at 12:01AM PST on 4/20/17).

EFFICACY: CBG is non-psychoactive and has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation, stimulating bone growth and may even act as an anti-bacterial. Complications from a recent surgery caused titanium to break inside my body resulting in a bone not fusing properly. I have been using a bone stimulator coupled with CBD to try and reduce persistent swelling and pain since the operation. I have now added CBG isolate to my regimen which may further promote cell generation and bone growth. My fingers are crossed. More immediate effects are very similar to CBD. My mood became calm and racing thoughts eased after my initial dose. Also, tight muscles in my body relaxed which further promoted a sense of well being.

OPPORTUNITIES: The CBG isolate comes packaged in a plastic container similar to their CBD isolate. I always prefer and recommend glass storage, especially since I am keen on using a Nectar Collector for my dabbing as it would destroy the plastic immediately. Also, glass eliminates the chance of any potential leaching from occurring when storing isolate for extended periods of time. However, since no terpenes are in this product, the chance of leeching is greatly reduced.

PAIRING: I feel like a genuine mad scientist. With Bluebird’s CBG and CBD isolates I am able to customize the perfect dab. I reside in a legal state which allows access to THC isolate and cannabis derived terpenes. I am able to mix all four of these ingredients to craft my perfect and potent remedy. It is loads of fun mixing and matching these different cannabinoids. I hope to see CBN isolated more readily in the near future as well since that may help with concocting an excellent sleep aid.

OVERALL: CBG Isolate by Bluebird Botanicals is a yet another powerful tool in your cannabis toolbox. Bluebird has created an industry leading model for their hemp derived products and their CBG isolate continues this tradition. Sustainable practices are also in place for virtually every aspect of their business coupled with extensive lab testing. I am consistently impressed with Bluebird’s products and customer service. Happy healing friends!


UP NEXT: 4/20 Sneak Peak of Magic Flight’s Latest Product

[The content of this review may in no way be considered professional medical advice. These are my personal observations and opinions. I am not a medical professional. Always discuss with your established medical professional before implementing any changes in your health routine.]

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