I’m here to write a product review of CBDfx Hemp Capsules, but first, I’d like to offer a little insight into myself as well so those that view my review have a better understanding overall of my review.

My name is Rick and I’m from Canada. I’ve studied natural health, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, neuroanatomy and various other areas of health-related areas for roughly 20 years of my 38 years on this Earth. I was once a registered nutritional consultant practitioner, but I’m no longer licensed due to a change in work-related fields.

My journey into cannabis, CBD, CBN, terpenes etc has been established long ago, although I just began utilizing the aforementioned area(s) in the past few years due to my own health reasons, as well as the perspective change of view of these compounds in the scientific and medical communities.

That’s all on my background, for now, trust me, there is a lot more information coming throughout the next months and years.

CBDfx Hemp Capsules Review

Now, the product I’m reviewing today in CBDfx+, which is a full spectrum capsule which provides 25mg’s of CBD per capsule which is derived from the hemp plant. It is listed as containing 25mgs of CBD derived from 125mg’s of hemp (aerial parts). The ingredient listing reads, CBD rich hemp oil, silicon dioxide, gelatin.

Now, I had come down with the respiratory flu and head cold upon the day of the first usage, I feel it’s important to note this as I feel it’s my duty to be as thorough as possible. My symptoms were coughing, slight fever, nausea, elevated heart rate, chills/hot spells, sinus inflammation, and headache.

Why am I taking CBD to begin with? Chronic leg pain due to a knee injury and anxiety/panic attacks due to PTSD, as well as bouts of depression.

How I felt using CBDfx Hemp Capsules

Anyhow, back on track. My first 25mg dose of the hemp capsules was taken at 8 pm. Effects of calmness seemed to kick in at about 20 minutes, a little longer than sublingual CBD that I’m used too. Full effects were felt at the one hour mark.

I felt very calm, very relaxed, my coughing lessened, my headache started to dissipate and the pain in my leg was non-existent.

After talking with my wife who had just returned from a work trip, and also purchased the product being reviewed, she noted I was speaking very fluently and clear, I agreed. These are all typical responses to CBD in my usage.

My heart rate, worth noting, had dropped from 86 bpm average (typically high during a response to flu/cold) reduced to 68bpm.

We spoke for a few hours and all the effects were still present by the time we went to bed, roughly 1 am.

I slept very well for 7.75 hours, awoke refreshed and my cold flu symptoms had drastically lessened. This intrigued me because it’s well noted that CBD effects the immune system. But in all my usage, it’s honestly made zero difference when I used CBD while I’ll, other than I slept better and my leg pain eased.

At 8:30 am I took my second dose of 25mg. The response time and effects matched those of the night before.

I felt great, especially for someone that was sick.

I felt great, especially for someone that was sick. My leg felt the best it has in months, great! My resting heart rate now averaged 65bpm, and my blood sugar reduced from 5.8 to 5.2, both typical responses in my experience with quality CBD products/usage.

By 2 pm my son and I had a nap. Again I slept well, this time for two hours. At this point it felt as if the product was still showing effects, interesting. Especially since the half-life of CBD is a debated topic.

Dose three came at 6 pm, so both days I used a total of 2 capsules, 50mg of CBD oil.

The effects stayed the same, no better, no worse.

The effects stayed the same, no better, no worse. Blood sugar leveled at 5.2 and remained, resting heart rate stayed at 65bpm(beats per minute). The pain was drastically reduced and anxiety was nill the entire time. No symptoms of depression at all.

Day 3 I took the same dose, 25mg in the morning and 25mg in the evening. Same effects but greater. Seems as the days go by my leg gets better and better, sleep gets better and better as does anxiety(it’s not even there at this point) for the first time in two years, I went golfing, a hobby I love. I was very scared my knee couldn’t handle it, but after 2 holes it was clearly not an issue. After 9 holes we decided to play on and finish 18. Again, no pain or inflammation. I figured it would kick in after sitting on the drive home, I was wrong. What an amazing feeling to go back to something I love and feel no pain! Just enjoyed the company, the game, and nature. Cold/flu symptoms are now completely gone as well.

Day 4 and I did the same, but today was fishing, along with a bunch of nature photography. Nothing else to note that hasn’t already been covered, other than blood sugar and resting heart rate seemed to be stabilized right where they were tested before.

So, in conclusion, this review is only 4 days of use. Obviously, for better scientific data, I need prolonged use, and that will happen.

This particular product is very easy to use, no bad taste/or good taste. Effects kick in quick and last long.

I will note, I contacted the company asking for a terpene test and quality control testing and have not heard back. But in their defense, it’s only been one day.

I would like to mention that “full spectrum” is great, but as a scientist reviewing product and studies, I’d like a complete terpene breakdown and amounts per serving.

So far I’d highly suggest this product to anyone in need or currently using CBD for health-related reasons.

The price for CBDfx Hemp Capsules was high, $101 Canadian for 30 capsules. I’d like to see that price drop, not just for this company, however, all of them. Let’s be real for a second, CBD is easy to extract, it’s cheap to produce and is widely available. So for the sake of our health, please adjust your profit margins in favor of bettering peoples health. Cost seems to be a major issue with any company I’ve dealt with thus far.

I would rate this particular product, in the short term, 9/10. The only reason I knocked off one point is that the price and lack of terpene amounts. Other than that, it would receive a 10.

Thank you kindly for reading! And please feel free to comment or ask questions about my review, I’ll gladly answer whatever questions come my way!

Have a blessed day!

CBDfx Hemp Capsules Details

Full-spectrum CBD — loaded with cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and vitamins, all in an easy-to-swallow and premium quality capsule. (30 x 25mg capsules per bottle, 750mg total CBD)


$59.99 – 750 mg bottler of 30 capsules.

Labs are posted on their product pages.

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