What if there was a compound associated with a widely-known plant “weed” that you and I could make usage of when our immune systems are not up to par as oppose to intaking traditional medicines that many of us can’t stand to ingest into our bodies such as prescription and over the counter drugs in addition to the fear of its non- imaginable taste?

Well on-going extensive research has been educating the public that a compound inside of Cannabis and an ingredient in marijuana called CBD also known as Cannabidiol has extraordinary health benefits. Not only does this compound helps treat and prevent diseases but thankfully there is no side effects such as experiencing a “high” and is considered an anti-psychoactive unlike its cousin THC which gives consumers a high when consumed and is not an anti-psychoactive which is responsible for many individuals consuming this compound to experience unusual altered states of mind. As mention earlier in the paragraph, CBD compounds that are found in marijuana as an ingredient have remarkable health benefits such as: preventing and treating cancerous tumors, ridding one of depression and anxiety, superior neurological benefits, anti-psychotic disorders and eliminates anti-inflammatory disorders.

There you have it, it’s a wonder why isn’t the plant legal when it can save so many lives and recover so many people. There aren’t any side effects reported after usage and even in high dosages you are still safe. Sadly, this is not the same for medicines that are considered legal which many people fear taking medication prescribed that is written in small print saying, take as prescribed, do not exceed more than prescribed and if overdose dial 911. Scary to read when you must put such a thing into your body. Although research has proven the miracles of marijuana with the ingredient CBD contained in it by experimenting on animals, we still have a long way to go to finally pick up a plant from the local Pharmacy’s over the counter or behind the pharmacist’s counter instead of the guy standing at the corner of the street.

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