The story of how we began as a company starts on the website called CBD Reddit. 3 and a half years ago, I became extremely curious about cannabinoids, a class of chemicals that are found in medical marijuana that interact with the endocannabinoid system found in the brains of mammals. I realized that there must be something behind the way I felt when I consumed marijuana, the feeling of stress melting away and the mild euphoria associated with THC made me wonder what the other cannabinoids were capable of.

That’s when I decided to create the subreddit for CBD. I wanted to host a place where anyone could post about anything related to CBD and not fear rejection or ridicule, because no question should be thought of as stupid. I wanted to foster a discussion forum where people could voice their opinions on everything related to CBD, from where it’s sourced to the numerous ways of taking it. (Link to another blog here).

I had hoped for the subreddit to gain as many subscribers and viewers as possible, so I gathered together a team of moderators that worked on improving the subreddit through CSS and the auto moderator bot. Somehow it was an overnight success, and we gained hundreds of subscribers within the first couple weeks, through nonstop promoting of the subreddit as well as hosting AMAs with CBD companies.

Fast forward to today, where we are sitting at almost 8500 subscribers and maintaining around 4000 pageviews per day. We are primed and ready for when CBD hits the mainstream media and goes viral. Our goal is simple, to inform the world about CBD, and host a forum where any question related to CBD gets answered by the community. We will also be the watchdog of the industry, through CBD Reviews and the subreddit.

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