CBD Infused food products banned in Washington State

CBD-Infused food products banned in Washington State

First, it was New York, now the state of Washington has banned CBD infused food products.

A new release from the Washington State Department of Agriculture, which was first reported by Sapling, Washington State has officially banned the commercial sale of CBD-infused food and beverages. 

This clarification comes at a time when the CBD community patiently await federal regulations and guidelines on CBD.

The FDA has stated that they hope to have this by the end of the year.

Despite federal legalization of Hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill, the FDA has clearly stated that CBD added to any food ingredients is illegal.

Last week, former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb said the hemp CBD food products that are currently available in stores are federally illegal.

“You can’t just put it in the food supply,” said Gottlieb, who left the FDA in April. “Right now, all the CBD is illegal that’s being put into food or dietary supplements.”

Washington authorities noted that once the FDA finalize CBD regulations they will update their policy accordingly.

We will keep you updated on any further progress.

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  • Donna Boyce
    August 23, 2019
    Donna Boyce
    August 23, 2019

    I’m confused if this is illegal how can companies sell it? I can go to jail for selling CBD pills, candy and I have water, tea and sprig products. I didn’t realize trying to help people could be so hard.

    • CBD
      February 14, 2020
      February 14, 2020

      Yes, we will continue to keep the community informed as we learn more.

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