Check out my CBD Infused Edibles Coconut Chocolate Chip CBD Cookies Review.

I loooove food. I eat a lot of food. Probably even more than my boyfriend. I constantly stress eat while making art. And it’s always late too. Not the best habit!

But you always have a choice right? So, I try to stress eat at least with some value out of it, besides eating my feelings.

Like with this combo right here!

This CBD infused cookie comes gluten free but FULL of flavor. It doesn’t need gluten! And there are only 3 ingredients! It took about a half hour to feel its effects, and it’s helped clear any imagination fog out of my mind! I was able to release and continue to draw with ease once I felt it. Simply made, with an abundance of flavor and good feels! Definitely, check out CBD infused edibles.

It pairs deliciously well with Four Sigmatic shroom coffee! Have you heard of this magical coffee?? It’s delicious and incredibly healthy for you! The kind I have tastes very earthy, and the caffeinated buzz feels extra lucid and perky! It’s made with #chaga and #maitake mushrooms, which can help win inflammation, supports the immune system, slows the aging process, plus much more!

Definitely, check @foursigmatic out, they have hot cocoa and other drink mixes to choose from as well. That’s right, healthy hot cocoa!

CBD Infused Edibles Coconut Chocolate Chip CBD Cookies with Coffee

CBD Infused Edibles Coconut Chocolate Chip CBD Cookies Details

Products contain 100% Industrial Organic Hemp Oil!

Contains 1 piece coconut chocolate chip cookie with 10 mg of CBD oil. Ingredients include Coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and condensed milk.

Cost: $7.50 for 1 cookie (10mg of CBD)

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