Yesterday was a moody day for me. It was not a typical Monday. I am normally upbeat and very happy on Mondays. This has been mostly due to me grinding on the weekend working on the website and putting together ideas that I would like to see happen in the CBD industry.  I’ve been using CBD and it has helped me become a better co-worker and friend.

I eventually get over my blues but not as fast as a typical day. The office is empty as a few co-workers are on vacation. It just feels dead and my anxiety starts to act up.

Having anxiety has taken my life for years. It wasn’t until I started my CBD journey that I became fully aware of having anxiety. I read that most people with anxiety are self-diagnosed. It shocked me! I was disbelief.

For years I’ve been dealing with stage fright and social anxiety. I never wanted to be around many people. Even today I don’t like being the center of attention. Without CBD I wouldn’t have been able to come out of the shadows and show my face.

How CBD helps me to be a better Co-worker

Everyone always looks at the medical benefits of CBD and they forget the emotional benefits. Like being a part of a community. Talking to likeminded individuals who are all suffering and looking for help.

CBD allows us to share our stories with each other and not be judged. That alone is a huge step for most of us.

Now at work, I am more open with my co-workers. I am no longer the shy one in the corner away from everyone. I laugh it up and I’ve become the office counselor or the office “husband”. Every day I listen and talk to my work family. Giving advice and receiving them back.

It’s beautiful.

This is how CBD helps me at work. For the first few hours, I can’t wait for the clouds to lift. Therefore, I started taking my drops of CBD tinctures early in the morning so that my relief can kick in earlier.

Do you have a story to share? I would love to hear more. Leave a comment.

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