CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets

Your pets are the most important in your life outside of your kids. So when they are in pain why not try using CBD for your pets? CBD has shown to help the ailments in humans and now CBD is also helping cats and dogs.

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that keeps our systems in balance. This means that your pet is able to experience the same natural benefits of CBD oil that you do. Due to the similarity between the bodies of humans and other mammals, many owners have started using commercial CBD-infused products for their pets.

CBD for pets comes in various formats from CBD Tinctures to CBD edibles.

CBD benefits your pet by helping ease arthritis, anxiety, and general pain. Pet owners have found that CBD can be a great addition to normal medication, even to the point where they can use CBD alone.

There are a few warning signs to look out for when it comes to giving your pet CBD.

  • Dry Mouth: Your pet can’t tell you if they have dry mouth. It is safe to give them an increase in water.
  • Drowsiness: Your pet sleeping patterns may change. You should monitor their sleep for the first few weeks of CBD use.
  • Low Blood Pressure: If your vet notices low blood pressure during your next visit, let them know that you have been giving your pet CBD. In the meantime check whether your dog seems lethargic or tired.
  • Lightheadedness: If your pet seems disoriented or dizzy they might be feeling lightheaded.

While CBD is legal for humans, the FDA has not approved Cannabis-based products for pets. We recommend talking to your veterinarians before you start your pet’s pain regiment.

Below are some of our favorite CBD for pets

CW Paws Hemp Oil

CW Paws Hemp Oil

CW Paws Hemp Oil

Charlotte’s Web sells oils for all life stages of pets. Their Oil is infused with MCT Oil. One of the good things about CW Paws Hemp oil is that they include a suggested use in their packaging. This helps you with recommended servings for your pet without having to worry if you are giving too little or too much.

  • Helps to maintain cognitive function
  • Assists normal hip and joint mobility
  • Supports the immune system
  • Brings about a sense of calm
  • Aids the digestive tract
  • Sustains blood sugar levels

Price: $74.99 – $188.99

Purchase: CWHemp.com

Dutch Natural Healing CBD Oil for Pets 10 ml

Dutch Natural Healing CBD Oil for Pets 10 ml

Dutch Natural Healing CBD Oil for Pets 10 ml

Dutch Natural Healing CBD for Pets consists of the best CBD extract and pure salmon oil. A 10 ml bottle contains 200 mg of CBD (2%).

The use of salmon oil makes the taste is much more pleasant for your pet. CBD Oil for Pets is rich in terpenes and has the greatest variety of cannabinoids for maximum effect on your cherished pet.

Dosage: 1 drop per 5 kg of body weight, maximum three times per day, or as recommended by your veterinarian.
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Purchase: Dutch Natural Healing

Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet Tinctures

Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet TincturesLazarus Naturals CBD pet tincture is made from their in-house CBD extraction, which is blended with fractionated coconut oil. 1ml of their tincture contains 15mg of CBD.

They offer 2 bottles. 225 mg in a 15 ml bottle for $15 and 900 mg in a 60 ml bottle for $40

  • Comes with a graduated dropper to ensure accurate dosing.
  • Vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.
  • Other Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil.
  • Legal in all 50 States and in over 40 countries.
  • Store in a cool dark place; shake well before use.

Price: $15.00 – $40.00

Purchase: Lazarus Naturals

Populum Zen Pets – Premium Hemp Oil Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Populum Zen Pets - Premium Hemp Oil Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Populum Zen Pets – Premium Hemp Oil Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Populum is one of the top CBD brands that focus only on Tinctures. This allows them to focus on one product rather than many. Last month they introduced Zen Pets, Premium Hemp Oil Supplement for Dogs & Cats, for sale on Amazon. They like CWHemp also includes recommended dosage for your pets.


  • CO2 Extracted Hemp oil: Using 100% USA grown hemp, our non-concentrated hemp oil has been thoroughly tested to ensure its consistency and purity.
  • Cold-pressed hemp seed oil: Considered Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil, hemp seed oil packs essential fatty acids (omega 3 &6), vitamins, as well as amino acids.
  • Extra virgin coconut oil: Like the benefits that coconut oil provides humans, extra virgin coconut oil helps maintain normal functioning of the digestive tract and boosts immunity for our dogs.

Suggested Use:
There are two ways to administer the tincture to your pets. Add the Populum hemp oil drops directly into your pet’s mouth or add it to their food.

Recommended serving size (Note: Dosage will vary for each individual dog)

  • Small (< 25lbs): 1 dropper per day
  • Medium (25-60lbs): 1-2 droppers per day
  • Large (> 60lbs): 2-4 droppers per day

Price: $40
Purchase: Amazon

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Capsules for Pets

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Capsules for Pets

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Capsules for Pets

Unlike the others on this list, Bluebird Botanical’s Hemp Capsules for pets comes in capsule form. By giving your pet capsules rather than tinctures it allows the body to slowly release the ingredients. You can purchase either 30 capsules (+450mg) or 60 capsules (+900mg).


  • 30 Capsules: $44.95
  • 60 Capsules: $79.95


  • Our famous Hemp Extract in MCT oil
  • +15mg per capsule
  • Two bottle sizes – 30 capsules (+450mg) & 60 capsules (+900mg)
  • Other ingredients: vegetable capsules and silica
  • Broad-spectrum extract
  • Color: gold/translucent
  • 3rd party lab results available on next page

Purchase: Bluebird Botanicals

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